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Dr. Anne Anderson Logo


When students, staff and community members walk through the doors of Dr. Anne Anderson High School, they’ll discover thoughtful features that pay tribute to Dr. Anne Anderson’s contributions. Her legacy of preserving the cree language and Métis heritage is woven into the building’s inspiring architecture, and that inspiring legacy flows through the visioning of the school and the creation of our new logo concept. 

Dr. Anderson’s initials create tipi-like shapes that speak to both her legacy and the school’s unique architecture. The strong triangles also represent the way the school helps to ground our students in their community. This learning community will support students through their unique journeys, as they move toward graduation and reach for their goals, the way the tip of the triangle reaches skyward. 

The colours in the schools' interior and exterior are reflected in the logo; the blue center is reflective of natural elements, such as water or the sky, that were valued and served as a sense of peace and inspiration to Dr. Anne Anderson.

As the school is gradually surrounded by new and growing neighbourhoods, it will serve as a hub that unites a diverse group of students, faculty, staff and family members. This ability to foster belonging is celebrated by our logo's intersecting lines, which symbolize connection and emphasize the school as a gathering place - not just for students, but also for the greater community.



Stealthy. Wise. Protector. 

After conducting student surveys, researching local wildlife, and consulting with others in our community, we are proud to say that our school is home to the Dr. Anne Anderson Wolves

Alberta is home to over 7,000 gray wolves known for their intelligence, ferocity, and elegance. To many on Treaty 6 Territory, wolves are known as symbols of loyalty, family and friendship. Most notably, we associate wolves with the social packs in which they roam and the ways in which they rely on one another for support. At Dr. Anne Anderson High School, we will also take care of each other as we support the development of leaders who are getting ready to change the world.

Our logo accentuates the qualities we have ingrained in our school focal point - the large tipi adorning our Agora space. The wolf’s prominent triangular shape reminds us of the importance of strength and the strong foundation we will build to take for ourselves and others. The alert ears symbolize the respect we give to others by truly listening to and learning from the stories shared with us. The steely gaze of the light blue eyes are akin to the ways we look toward the future.