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Important information for you to know

At Dr. Anne Anderson School, we are committed to providing the highest calibre of academic programming that allows our students to partake in programming that opens as many doors to the future as possible. Please see this video for more information about our school programming.

As we get to know our students, we will differentiate programming to meet our students’ diverse needs. Our approach to learning focuses on:

  • Rigorous Programming - We will use high-impact and innovative teaching approaches to ensure our students excel as they engage in rigorous academic study of the curriculum. We will strategically plan lessons that focus on developing understanding and skills through in-depth study and cross-curricular learning activities.
  • Authentic Experiences - Authentic experiences help students to see the connections between what they are learning and the world around them. Our programming will run in a high quality learning environment. We will also provide students with hands-on experiences, field trips, exploration activities, and work experience opportunities beyond our school setting.
  • Community Connections - Education is a collective responsibility, and through collaboration with stakeholders, we can enhance and enrich opportunities for students while incorporating the expertise that exists within our communities. We want to develop strong connections with our parents, post-secondary research institutions, and industry experts.
  • A Future Focus - The world around us is constantly changing. Responsive learning opportunities and environments will support the development of competencies and transferable skills. Students will be able to earn some micro-credentials that allow for the development and addition of tangible qualifications to their resumes as a way of demonstrating career readiness. Our graduates need to be ready to enter a complex world as global innovators and problem solvers.

Agora programming at Dr. Anne Anderson School

In addition to our Learning Commons, a large tipi stands in the middle of Dr. Anne Anderson School. This space is called the Agora and is the academic and cultural hub of our vibrant school and represents the legacy and leadership of our school’s namesake. The Agora is a gathering place - a space where we will connect with each other and our community to engage, learn, dialogue, and discover. Considering the significance of the Agora as a way to create a sense of belonging and purpose in our school, our students will partake in a year-long, in-house program that will allow them to earn credits as they:

  • support culture building and fostering a climate of empathy
  • have practical opportunities for leadership and service engagement
  • set goals, and explore choices and opportunities for future education and career opportunities

Agora programming will be scheduled throughout the year as specialized learning opportunities, seminars, and conference experiences with a focus on developing our students’ capacity. All Dr. Anne Anderson students and faculty will benefit from this collective learning.


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