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We are excited about creating diverse “option” course offerings for the students attending Dr. Anne Anderson High School. Our initial offerings of option courses allow students to develop new skills in authentic contexts, “sample” different disciplines, explore various career pathways, and gain dual credits and other credentials to support work placement or post-secondary transitions. We are proud to offer the following “option” course offerings:

  • Fine Arts
  • Career and Innovation Studies
    • Computer Science, Mechatronics, Robotics, Digital Design, Broadcasting and Communications
    • Foods, Culinary
    • Medical Studies, Rehabilitation Medicine, Early Childcare
    • FinTech (Financial Management)
    • Hospitality Management
    • AP Psychology
    • Litigation Studies (Legal Studies)
  • Student Leadership
  • Physical Education
    • Physical Education, Sports Performance, Wellness (Yoga), Career and Life Management (CALM)
  • Work Integrated Learning
    • Work Experience, Registered Apprenticeship Program, Campus EPSB, Connecting Occupational Opportunities (CO-OP)
  • Second Languages
    • Spanish and French

Course offerings are subject to change pending student interests, enrollment, and faculty expertise.


At Dr. Anne Anderson High School, we are committed to the success of our students. Our Career and Innovation Studies Program goes beyond learning skills in isolation and focuses on immersing students in the lifestyle of a skilled technician. Students add to their portfolio of learning with access to rigorous programming, advanced technology, expert teachers and support staff, and instruction based on critical thinking and problem solving. In leveraging our state of the art facilities as part of their learning, Dr. Anne Anderson students are future ready. 


At times, and in certain courses, our students will have opportunities to earn micro-credentials. Micro-credentials recognize competencies, knowledge and skills acquired through specialized learning experiences and help students document learning for resume development, post-secondary applications or recognition, and entrance into the world of work. Students will be able to earn some micro-credentials that allow for the addition of tangible qualifications to their resumes as a way of demonstrating work and/or career readiness


In addition to our talented faculty, our school also has a variety of support and exempt staff members who work directly with students to unlock their full potential. Our in-house athletic trainer, graphic designer and science lab technician all play key roles in developing our students' understanding of not only the knowledge it takes to enter the workforce, but the values and attitudes that are required to support a meaningful career.