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Knowledge and Employability Programming

Within Dr. Anne Anderson a variety of courses are available to support diverse learner needs. Many of our students are enrolled in Knowledge and Employability (K&E) courses and take advantage of community partnerships to prepare for employment, further studies, active citizenship and lifelong learning. K&E courses give students the opportunity to learn through hands-on activities at school and sometimes off-campus, maximizing their chances for success in whatever they choose to do. 

Knowledge and Employability courses assist students in:

  • transitioning from school to the workplace and community 
  • preparing for ethical citizenship 
  • gaining recognition, respect, and value from employers 
  • obtaining access to continuing education opportunities 

We offer a supportive environment with clear and guided instruction, authentic experiential learning opportunities, individualized literacy and numeracy development strategies to increase the student’s level of achievement, guidance in developing personal management, study skills, and social and emotional strategies, and a safe, caring, and nurturing environment with clearly articulated boundaries and limitations.

Some students start in K&E courses and then shift to other high school courses. To make the transition, consult with your school counsellor and parents or guardians. Transitions will be decided based on student needs, goals and achievements. Students may also transition to training opportunities and continuing education (which includes some colleges and apprenticeship programs).

For more information on this important program, please visit our comprehensive guide