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Stealthy. Wise. Protector. 

After conducting student surveys, researching local wildlife, and consulting with others in our community, we are excited to announce that our school will be home to the Dr. Anne Anderson Wolves

Alberta is home to over 7,000 gray wolves known for their intelligence, ferocity, and elegance. To many on Treaty 6 Territory, wolves are known as symbols of loyalty, family and friendship. Most notably, we associate wolves with the social packs in which they roam and the ways in which they rely on one another for support. At Dr. Anne Anderson High School, we will also take care of each other as we support the development of leaders who are getting ready to change the world.

Our logo accentuates the qualities we have ingrained in our school focal point - the large tipi adorning our Agora space. The wolf’s prominent triangular shape reminds us of the importance of strength and the strong foundation we will build to take for ourselves and others. The alert ears symbolize the respect we give to others by truly listening to and learning from the stories shared with us. The steely gaze of the light blue eyes are akin to the ways we look toward the future. 

Welcome to the pack, DAAHS! Let’s hear you howl!


Although our school is new, we are excited about the initial interest, dedication and commitment to athletics by students, athletes, faculty and community coaches. Engagement in athletics will give many students the opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills and be part of a comprehensive athletic program focused on health, skill development, and school spirit building. No matter the sport or the athletic ability, every teacher and coach at Dr. Anne Anderson is committed to bringing out the best in each student.

While we are still awaiting guidance on the availability of student athletics this year, we plan to offer a range of sports teams including basketball, volleyball, soccer, track and field, badminton and more. Stay tuned for more information, 


To help our school build a strong athletics program and promote school spirit, we are looking for support from our parents/guardians and community members. We know that there is a vast coaching expertise in the school and greater community and we hope to have many volunteer coaches assist us in making our athletics program a success.  Interested in helping out at Dr. Anne Anderson this year?  If so, please contact us at anneanderson@epsb.ca.  Please note the Requirements for Registration and Records Checks for our volunteer coaches. Volunteers who work with our athletic teams are required to complete the following forms:


We are excited about our new athletic and wellness amenities. As athletic events are not just restricted to those participating on teams, we are excited to invite parents, other students, and community members the opportunity to be involved and to use our space.

Students will have ongoing access to our new fitness facility outside of instructional programming. The fitness centre at Dr. Anne Anderson High School consists of state of the art equipment that has been hand chosen to maximize the benefit to all students, as well as our student-athletes, in order to optimize wellness and athletic development.

For more information on the Dr. Anne Anderson Community Centre, please visit our DAACC landing page.

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