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Service and Volunteerism

Our Dr. Anne Anderson students are fully invested in our local community and continually seek ways to be the change that makes a difference in the lives of others. We anticipate initiating and participating in a number of service, volunteer and fundraising initiatives pending student interests, faculty availability, and community needs. At Dr. Anne Anderson, we are connected to one another - both within and beyond our school.

What is service work? 

At Dr. Anne Anderson High School, we define service work as any act done freely with the intention of uplifting a community and advancing the common good. Service work may include volunteering for a school or community event. While you may not always be in a leadership role while engaged in service work, by definition it is an active and intentional process.

Why do we recognize service work? 

Our school namesake, Dr. Anne Anderson, committed herself to service her entire life with the intention of preserving and maintaining the cree language and Métis culture. As we write the story of Dr. Anne Anderson High School, we honor her legacy by promoting a culture of service through recognition and celebration of those who choose to give to others.


Amplify Awards: Our Service Recognition Program

Each year, DAAHS students have the opportunity to work towards and apply for an Amplify Award which recognizes individuals who have strengthened their community through acts of service. 

Amplify Awards come in 3 categories: 

  • Bronze Level: 20 hours of service in a school year
  • Silver Level: 40 hours of service in a school year
  • Gold Level: 60 hours of service in a school year
    • Note: Service hours are not transferable from year to year

At the end of each school year we celebrate our student contributions with an Amplify Awards Breakfast hosted by our community of staff. 

Tracking Acts of Service

DAAHS students track acts of service in a Google Slides Portfolio. Acts of service are ongoing and reflective. Students track the service performed, the number of hours earned, a description of the activities, and provide a reference (with contact information). The portfolio includes spaces for reflection on skills developed or enhanced, as well as room for photos and other important information (certificates earned, career skills developed or ideas for future opportunities). By deeply reflecting on their work, our students are able to grow and change as a result of their service learning.