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Clubs and Activities

Anne Anderson High School will offer a wide variety of student clubs, extracurricular programs, and student activities. These opportunities will be cross-graded and voluntary. Extracurricular opportunities will provide students with enriched educational experiences to enhance learning. Our students can explore diverse interests, make new friends, and discover new passions through our numerous student clubs. Additionally, school activities will take place throughout the year so we stay connected as a community, build a positive school culture, and generate school spirit.

Students will have the opportunity to see all that Dr. Anne Anderson High School has to offer during our “Club Connect” where different members showcase their clubs and recruit new members. A full list of clubs and school-wide activities will be posted at a later date.

Offerings depend upon students’ and faculty’s varying talents, interests and availability. If you are interested in forming a new club, we welcome it - let us know and we’ll help you find a teacher sponsor.

Finally, we anticipate that many of our students will want to participate in a range of academic competitions and tournaments. Here is a sampling of some opportunities we may consider pending student interest and faculty availability.

  • Alberta High School Mathematics Competition
  • APEGA Science Olympics
  • Canadian Mathematics League
  • Create in 8 - art partnership
  • DX.org design competition
  • High School Model United Nations
  • Iverson Computing Science Competition
  • Skills Canada

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