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Student Voice

Your voice matters. Your input impacts our school. Over the course of the year, we focus on youth engagement and leveraging students' voices and ideas as a means to school improvement. As students, we hope you dialogue openly with us, ask thoughtful questions, engage in Student Senate led activities, partake in Youth Focus Groups, and complete surveys seeking your opinion. Your feedback is directly connected to school life, learning and teaching practices, and decisions about school priorities related to mental health supports and career planning. You have the creativity and compassion to use your voice and actions to uplift, heal, transform, and inspire. 

EPSB Student Senate

Each spring, division high schools have an opportunity to choose two Student Senators to represent their school. Student Senators connect with other students, in all grades, and then share their ideas and concerns about education with Division leaders. Bring your unique perspective and experiences to the Student Senate, and help make sure all students have a voice in decisions that affect their lives. Learn more at epsb.ca/ourdistrict/board/studentsenate